It is common to make mistakes when you are moving houses. In some instances, accidents do occur when you are moving items. Furniture Removalists in Perth generally take certain measures in order to minimize the damages as much as possible. If you know fragile items that are likely to break or get damaged when your personal possessions are on transit, you are also likely to take extra measures in order to minimize the damage as much as possible.

When you know these items, it is easy to work around them by for example, incorporating proper packaging techniques. Here are some of the more easily damaged items which are likely to pose a challenge when you are moving your items:

The glassware

These are by far the most vulnerable items for someone who is moving houses. Make sure you provide sufficient protection in order to preserve your invaluable pieces. If you are hiring furniture removalists in Perth, ask them if they have experience packing and moving glassware and china safely.

The best way to protect these is by getting the proper packing items for the job such as proper boxes. All the individual glassware items should be wrapped separately in order to prevent them from knocking ion each other and possibly breaking during transit. Every object must be packaged with sufficient padding and layering in order to minimize the breakage as much as possible.

The boxes that are used in packing the fragile items must be labeled appropriately with words such as “fragile” or even “this way up”. When packing the glassware, test the boxes for movement in order to ensure there is jostling inside. In case there is jostling, you will need to extra padding in the boxes. Glassware are generally costly to replace and in some cases, you may even have invested in rare and unique glassware that is not replaceable. That is why you must take adequate precautions to ensure these are adequately protected.


Art work also lies in the fragile category. They are unique and irreplaceable but if not properly packaged, they can be easily damaged while on transit. They are expensive and precious and that is why you need to take extra precautions when moving these items. If you will be moving some prized art pieces, then it is important to hire a furniture removalist in Perth that has experience in handling pieces of art. These companies can generally offer you specialist art transportation services using special containers as well as materials in order to ensure that the pieces are adequately protected.


We generally expect to invest in quality furniture pieces once in a lifetime. However, if furniture items are bulky, heavy and oddly shaped and during the move, it is possible for these to incur costly damages and also cause costly damages. That is why it is important to get help from professional furniture removalists in Perth that have the experience and the right materials and techniques to safely move your furniture. Professional removalists will wrap your furniture pieces in moving blankets and use special furniture removal equipment such as dollies that simplify the moving process. They can easily maneuver your furniture around your tricky areas and make sure it reaches its destination in one piece.

The most fragile items in your home are generally the costliest. When moving these, you cannot afford to penny pinch by going for the DIY option. The damages that you are likely to incur will most likely be worth several times the cost of moving. Find a professional Perth furniture removalist and make this process as simple and seamless as possible.